Bimbam Short Film

Bimbam Directed By Sree Ram Bullappan

A try at trying to differentiate illusion, hallucination and realism.
A seed implanted at an early age manifests itself later in the life of a youngster. A small boy has an extraordinary experience of visualising different forms of a person. How the incident impacts his life forms the rest of the short story.
Gowtham, the adopted son of a rich business man, inherits the huge wealth of his father after his death. But Gowtham is not interested in the business and sets about enjoying life to the fullest. However he is not content or satisfied and is drawn towards the concepts of supernatural power, black magic and hypnotism for which he seeks the help of a mentor, who gives him various tasks in his quest of seeking bliss. Gowtham dutifully executes all the tasks, raising his level of being, often bordering on unrealism, imagination and fantasy.
Finally Gowtham masters the technique of interchanging souls and is fascinated at his accomplishments. The mentor who had been giving tasks to Gowtham gives him a duty to be performed, i.e. implanting the idea that Gowtham received as a small boy into the mind of another boy so that the cycle is repeated and goes on and on…….


Drama Entertainment Music
Directed by:
Sree Ram Bullappan
Produced by:
Puthu Yugam Tv