18-09-2013 – Vani Rani


09-18-2013 – Vani Rani

09-18-2013 – Vani Rani Sun TV Tamil Serial Episode 170 Date -18/09/13

Fabulous , utterly fabulous climax central. Bhoomi is what my ex-husband was. it is is good these garbage’s learn a lesson. I am glad Radhika decided to strengthen other characters at her cost. Strength always overcomes flaws. Bhoomi and his deceitful gang belong together. I hope Ranima does not not come back to the fold . She and her hubby have to prove that honesty prevails at any cost. Good for Selvi to stand up to her fail.

Super selvi you have done a good job.he needs this from you.keep it up,you have taken the right decision.stay with the same decision.like your guts,with the same attitude change kali also